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Attention Span

by Culture Shock [ska-punk UK]

Visibility 03:18
VISIBILITY 1 2 3 I wanna be free Every Tom and Harry wants a piece of me Identity, postcode please Everything else is up on the screen Privacy? We're doing that for free Membership on the world-wide sea CCTV- it's looking after me Safe and sound til I'm proven guilty Watching out for either being watched or noticed How the stage is set for acting out the new psychosis 1 2 3 nail me to the screen Look at this face booked into some Reality- please like me All these instant friends are somewhere Inbetween the two realities Solitude shares in the company It's not 3D this visibility It's social mediaocrity Watching out for either being watched or noticed How the stage is set for acting out the new psychosis Info wars- none of you is yours We're living in a film and it's all recorded You feel secure when they told you what it's for Notional security better than before The internet- and don't forget The bigger it gets the more we use The words 'protect' and 'under threat' It goes too far down you want to reconnect 1 2 3 do you really want to be Nothing more than humanised machinery? Let's see if we can't all agree To somehow take control of our need for Visibility- I'll see you at the sea 3-dimensional non-pretentional Unity- I don't want to be Numb or numbered- 1 2 3
Mindwash 04:04
MINDWASH Stranger than fiction it's no contradiction There's nowt so new as an instant view Day in day out see the heads stretch out For the headline brand of minimal understanding Just enough to feed the need To point and nod it's all agreed For hunger doesn't shrink away From all there is to eat today But lies and twisted gut reactions lay the world to waste Negativity and cakes just nice enough to hide the taste of Mindwash- throw out the trash it's Mindwash- pick the truth to pieces Feel a bit older look over your shoulder Keep up with news before it happens to you Stay in go out see the hands stretch out For at least some cash for a tabloid wrap to crash in Not close enough to home to know The problem's everywhere you go So best stay in and see the blame Apportioned to these nameless frames Homeless jobless hungry foreign bodies in our sights Our reflection in their eyes dares us to read between the lies of Minwash- fear of immigration Mindwash- benefixation Fear and suspicion creates the decision To walk out of vision and take a position In shadows of doubt see the world stretched out In an atmosphere of of social engineering If the only way to keep the hordes Distracted without getting bored Enough to question what they're told Is human base response control Then all it takes to stay awake and rise above the shit Is to say my base response is this- Fuck you and your misogynistic Mindwash- bigoted and racist Mindwash- war and money worship Mindwash- tits and bums and dumbing it down Is your conscience in a coma? Is the bullshit taking over? Mindwash- profit and pretension - constant reinvention - clarity prevention - shattering attention - pure indoctrination - to prevent co-ordination - it's the media classes they're all talking out their asses Mindwash
DOESN'T WORK FOR ME Another no-choice interview That didn't work too well He wanted to know my political views And my taste in bed as well I only came cos the rules got changed I said, just take me on Six months of me and for you it's free And when I'm done- I'm gone This working doesn't work me for I'm paying to get off my knees And then he got spontaneous My job is yours! he cried I'm wasting breath and sick to death Of all these suits and ties My life is on repeat until 65 and rising I'm told exactly what to tell And none of it's surprising This working doesn't work for me I'm paying to get off my knees But where's the choice when the loudest voice Cries 'Growth at any cost' The greed machine needs poverty To show what can be lost Whoever doesn't want to work Should work with those who share The experience of the real expense Of learning not to care And there in some forgotten room That is forever open The poor and disillusioned Traded styles of desperation One will work to stay alive The other wants but cannot buy Both will see the positive In a life they haven't even tried This working doesn't work for me I'm paying to get off my knees
Uncivilised 02:26
UNCIVILISED I've got so much information now I don't want to know it all I feel left out if I raise a doubt It's like talking to the wall And so the anger rises when it should be gone by now I've had the class in self-control and tried to settle down But conformity is never quite enough to get around The need to shout for more than this but such things aren't aloud Cos comfort is the latest fix so shut up and tune in The appliance of compliance to the cogs in the machine The silent screams of loneliness or anger in the eyes Are best suppressed don't show the stress- now we're civilised So much compromise Now we're civilised Until there's no surprise After all that sort of thing is burned into our heads To be generally avoided cos you are what you just said So take the time to redefine the resonance of will That's screaming I just want to tell you how I really feel And try to stop apologising just to make it less Go further out that feeling we're alone with all this stress There's more strength in resistance When the No becomes a Yes Go uncivilised No more compromise Go on have a surprise It's what you were when you were born It's what you are when you wake up It's how the structures all get torn Apart before they catch you up Uncivilised Is everything available and free No more social slavery How much mental baggage do you need?
Things To Do 03:04
THINGS TO DO Trident? Scrap it's useless crap it Sits there on the lap expensive Send or bring the squaddies back And let them work on flood defences Dish the dole out to the slaves Whose wages pay for them to say You turned up 15 minutes late mate There's no more benefit today Here's a few ideas you might want to try [chorus] Look the powerful in the eye You got the power so don't abuse it Here's a few things to do Before we die Have the local vote decide The pride of place in law and order Change the name of countries twice a year And open up the borders Use machines to do the work And pay us all a living wage Close the internet at night And get outside more during the day Here's a few ideas you might want to try [CH] Check out the Icelandic way To protest with their pots and pans Shut down the banks who stole our cash they said And yes they got shut down Set the upper limit on The most that anyone can make Build the schools and hospitals With all the income tax that's paid [CH] - and when there's no need for it we'll take the politics out of music
SOMEONE HAS TO PAY Here's a man with a jeer deriding the sheer contempt of the rich and thriving Here's a man with a plan surviving One week at a time spent carefully Through empty houses built to last Heard a broken voice through a broken glass Of a need to sleep off the concrete grass In a rare spare room for a friend to crash and dream Not fed on a diet of noise and flash Attitude adjustment crashing Waves of fiction dressed as fact One-way straightline laughter tracked You're never alone with a home of your own And the kids are grown and stepping stones To an extra income source perhaps Cos the work collapsed and the benefit's capped The empty room attracts a tax Yeah cheers for that I'd invite you round For a cup of tea but the bailiffs found The kettle and spoon and our one spare room And anyway The power's gone now can't afford to pay The debts and bills- what's that you say? Here's a helping hand We hope you understand Why it has to be this way Someone has to pay From security screen to the broken dream From the world of fun to the actual one From the media view to the one that's true From the Mother's Pride to the need to rely on- Food banks O nice one thanks that''s problem solved Seems the political world evolved To a bunch of jeering cheering sneering rich white men Where's the helping hand? Don't you understand It doesn't work that way Someone has to pay
PRIVATE REVOLUTIONS The race it seems is on between Volume and stupidity All the private revolutions Go unheard in this confusion No peace comes with staying silent It just keeps it close to home It's easy to hide in crowded room And hard to achieve when you're on your own Spirits bend to keep from breaking Lean towards the entertaining Mix and match the overwary With the empty loud and scary Social nervous disbelief Is this all there is? Good grief Hope repeats its mantric curse You'll never get it better til you've had a lot worse Inside outside all the woes Can paint the world in shades of black Contact impact on assumptions Watch them all come bouncing back All these private revolutions Waiting for the dam to break Time to find the small but constant voice Of common sense, and wake it up Your anger keeps me thinking Your hatred makes me sick Your sadness makes me silent Your shouting makes me quick Your smiling makes me equal Your frowning makes me hide There's just so many people With all this stuff inside
START AT THE BACK I'm looking for signs I'm not out of my mind And a new way to find the words to sum up this mess we're in Where to begin? Let's start at the back and work our way in Over our heads Fly the blue and the red We worship the dead and bury the living In layers of history Media fictional Version of life and the endless winning As entertainment goes to war to keep us pacified We all take sides and allocate the blame What d'you expect? It's what you get Living a life on remote control You can't set the people up To thinking never got enough Unless you show them all this stuff and they can't afford it Generates the greed Dishonesty and feeds The notion that we need to fight you for it Get the money in the bank And an enemy to thank It''s working through the ranks of normalisation Is anyone aware Of either being scared Or angry to the point of retaliation? As culture twists itself to fit the world in broken boxes Pull the plug before we go insane
WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO HIDE? 'I got a tap on my phone' I said- the reply Was 'Really? No that's just paranoid' Read the news it's gone worldwide And now you've got one too We got national security ear and eye On all we say and do- goodbye To openness- here's your alibi Stay shut up in your room What have we got to hide? Hands in a suit all open wide 'You've got nothing to fear if you've nothing to hide' But who feels free to speak their mind When it goes against the grain? The pattern is set don't go outside The internet and the TV guide The social skills are all supplied Make it easy on your brain What have we got to hide? And don't forget we're all at risk From anyone who doesn't fit He or she who shouts or spits Or rips the newspaper to bits Or has a beard or twisted lips Or doesn't worship fish and chips Or just got off a plane or ship Or lives a life on benefits - Such a lot of people,,,shit Let's just assume they're terrorists Fear will make us stranger to the other one next door Reading between the lines that weren't even there before What have we got to hide?
Sky High 04:12
SKY HIGH Sky high they built the landscape So they can look down- it's the best way To get the buzz from being so first rate In the game of making it pay Sky high capital investment In a building keeping it vacant While the homeless down on the pavement Used to live here getting in the way Sky high looking at dreams through Windows/screens at other people' s nightmares Short term memory lane closed down For the pain relief of looking elsewhere Sky high figures on lists get bigger The closer you get to the pyramid floor It's critical mass and poverty's the trigger People want to keep what they had before And the bloke who used to live next door Has just signed up to the new class war He's heard too much and he's on the streets Saying 'This no longer has any meaning' Sky high out of his mind on What he could find on Minimum waging war on boredom What did he find But similar minds Set ready to go when called on The off-chance of a mass connection So much going in the same direction Is it sky high dreaming to be free from living In a rat-race killing off human kindness? Now it's putting our heads together and Changing the cultural corporate mindset Sky high bringing it down to earth Or winging it bringing it to the ground Sky high higher they get the further they fall We'll see you on the way back down


First album since reforming in 2013, with their trademark ska-punk-reggae style as infectious as ever!


released June 15, 2016

released on Alternative Tentacles
guitar- Alex
bass- Jasper
drums- Bill

recorded at 9 Volt Leap in Melksham and Invada in Bristol June 2015




Culture Shock [ska-punk UK] Bath, UK

The original ska-punk-reggae fusioneers, who from 86-89 woke up the alternative scene with their 3 albums and incessantly energetic touring, and are now reformed since 2013, with another 3 albums since then- onwards!

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