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The Humanity Show

by Culture Shock

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🏴‍☠️ Mikey T. And Momo The Cat 🏴‍☠️
🏴‍☠️ Mikey T. And Momo The Cat 🏴‍☠️ thumbnail
🏴‍☠️ Mikey T. And Momo The Cat 🏴‍☠️ Hey up meow I'm going to purr along to this slice of audio heaven MEEEEOOOOW 🐾 Favorite track: Milk + dub.
Senor Denzil
Senor Denzil thumbnail
Senor Denzil Love the whole album but the groove on The Humanity Show reminds of the first time I heard Culture Shock which was a cassette called reality stop no 35 if my memory serves me correct. Hope to see you lot back in Liverpool at some point..... Here's hoping Favorite track: Humanity Show.
mikeamos66 thumbnail
mikeamos66 What's not to like it's culture shock!!! Favorite track: Clampdown.
Pie Hole
Pie Hole thumbnail
Pie Hole It flows, makes me shake my bones. Shifting rhythmic landscapes for bopping souls.

I love it! I’m hanging with my three dogs and a cup of coffee, with some new sounds from Culture Shock. Great way to start my day.

Thank you guys! American Tour PLEASE!
Hit the east coast and the south too! Specifically Louisville Kentucky.
Bilbojunction thumbnail
Bilbojunction Culture shock are awesome I grew up with Subhumans Culture Shock and Citizen Fish I am into all 3 bands in no particular order but I really love Culture Shock a band with a message
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ALL GROWED UP Get to the point it's so out of joint That things can only progress The war machine psychology Has the world in an iron vest The cheapest seats to make your life complete Are too cheap to impress The worst in human nature Is paraded as the best CH- Is there anything better than the life we're leading? Is there anything left we can believe in? To pick the truth from the endless proof That the world revolves on lies You got to press rewind to the childhood mind And the nature of surprise Cos the adult world to the boys and girls Is full of things that nobody needs All things bright and beautiful Are sold for profit and greed CH If we all do what we're told to Then we'll all be half asleep If we sit still and be quiet We'll make up secrets just to keep Some reflection of importance If we all go out to play We'll remember the instructions Then we'll throw them all away Back to the point of being all growed up In a world of ridiculous things Where the colour of your skin says you can't come in And the bankers act like kings It's a social con to think anything's wrong With asking for a little bit more Equality between what we need And what we're taken for CH Any explanation for the fact We don't understand how grownups act
HUMANITY SHOW It's all in the brain now, it's like a part of the machine It says everything is useless if it isn't what you need The shopping list is endless so you better get to work Went to bed with promises woke up with a jerk Oh what a mess the world is in I guess At the length of time we got before we go like a forgotten dream Away from the machine The war machine the coke machine The TV screen the marketing Emoticons the rights and wrongs Who has got the biggest bombs The price of food the acid rain Dressing up for charity Nothing more than entertainment Nothing less than slavery They used to say It's always been this way Now it's changing twice a day And there's always more to pay For the chains around our necks Are so beautifully set We're so easily impressed It's distraction at its best That's why we got the press To minimise the stress Of knowing more not less Reduction to impress The headline was in red Don't remember what it said And I didn't read the rest Turned the telly on instead It's all in the brain now the humanity show Fast forward evolution til we don't know what we know Information overdrive lies dressed up as facts All this talk of freedom well we want some of it back Is it a test to see what happens next? What's the length of time we take Before we want to stay awake and scream I'm not part of the machine
Milk + dub 04:30
MILK Big names written on the warplanes Bullets in the war-drained shadows of civilisation Dealers arming up the leaders Saying you need all this for your own protection You got to keep the people safe or sorry They ever asked for change Did you follow in the path of people Who were bombed out running from the world turned over? Crowding in a boat and drowning Or stay afloat and reach the shores of anywhere Away from all this hatred shock and dying To feel alive again CH: It's what we pay for That's why we stay poor Nothing left but hope and anger Here's the milk of human madness Backed up waiting to be stacked up In a human dustbin one that never gets collected Hoping for a bit of clothing Maybe less of the media's fear and loathing Where's the promised land of hope and- Sorry there's no more room today CH Did you hear about the kids who Travelled all the way to find a place to stay in Devon? One voice made a lot of dumb noise Saying he was standing up for what he stood for Mostly unreported was the tide of love Supportive all the way Here's the milk of human understanding Not so far away CH What we have we use to keep the basic needs all free forever
Skip 03:54
SKIP It may be a bit of an American thing But the supermarkets got a song to sing Saying we can't afford to ever get sued By people getting ill from eating our food Here's your sell-by date on the back Here's your instructions on the pack Where's the food that's all thrown away? Lying out the back in a skip they say I found it in a skip If it's midnight snacking You're after get packing From the pub to the grub That's flung at the back Of the supermarket - free food! Wake up all you half-asleepers Free market economy- finders keepers You want your food for free Found it in a skip Oversupply on the sell-by date Or the mouldy reminder it'll be too late To have this bread on tomorrow's plate So binbag it up and give it way It's Sunday- over the street there's a church Let's say they all get back on their feet and emerge To all the bread they can eat or disperse To the poor and needy- ah now they're at the door Turn up the sounds it's free food core! Found it in a skip Antibiotics at the bottom of the skip Don't take a chance of getting sick Question marks at the bottom of the packet Just one left so I think I'd better have it Found a blue pill and a bottle of wine 1968 or 9 Woke up in the hospital next day MSG in my DNA It may not be good for my health But I can't afford to eat anywhere else Found it in a skip --------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile- Coin flipping heads to tales Of modern-day poverty off the scale Pride and status the whole dividing Nature of these things we hide in Along with expectation, trust in All the masks of civilisation Crashing hungry to the floor Here's your humanity eaten raw Shamed and angry where do you begin To fit? It's a social sin Food banks handing out hope in tins To farmers driven to the wall by minimal Prices right it's supermarket Warfare on the poor and starving Cheap and nasty feeding on A chemical nutrition bomb
Clampdown 04:03
CLAMPDOWN Fingers on the buttons of all these suits and ties Here come the instructions on how to live a life We'll keep it entertaining as we tell you that you're screwed And advertise the notion that we're all so free to choose And as we blame the people who are rarely met or named For unemployment rising bills and things that aren't the same And as we learn to need the screen to be our anaesthetic The world turns on the telly- what was that mate? Ah forget it We got to wise up to the clampdown A population of consumers everyone has their price That lives on ego cravings and forgets how to be nice To others who if spoken to would be a mirror to our faces Most of us could use the trust we lost to those in higher places Awoken heard and spoken repeated and discussed All the split perceptions that we cling to- them and us Filtered down divisions end up fighting on the bus That's the way they like it- they think we'll never get it sussed We got to wise up to the clampdown There's unity in poverty when desperation shares Its loneliness- used to think I didn't care Wise up to the whys and wheres the cause of all this stress Psychotic ideology: 'trust us we know best' This isn't just a battle it's more or less a war Cos nothing short of shouting seems to get through anymore Now we know we're not alone in wanting this to change Cos we've all got something better to say We got to wise up to the clampdown
Humanity Dub 03:56


six tracks of skanking angry witty skapunk with a splash of dub!


released October 15, 2018

recorded at 9 Volt Leap studio in Melksham
Dick voice+words, Jasper bass, Alex guitar, Bill drums
words/music c-in-a-circle Culture Shock 2018




Culture Shock [ska-punk UK] Bath, UK

The original ska-punk-reggae fusioneers, who from 86-89 woke up the alternative scene with their 3 albums and incessantly energetic touring, and are now reformed since 2013, with another 3 albums since then- onwards!

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